Team Building is specially designed in order to enhance communications and working relationships by way of planned and managed challenges involving a group of people.

Our team building packages are designed to be innovative, entertaining, challenging and above all fun to motivate and enthuse everyone involved, providing you with the right platform for successful corporate staff development.


  • Casino Tables

    Fun casinos will provide exciting and memorable entertainment for your event. We only use high quality, full sized casino equipment and our croupiers are all fully trained, professional and fun. We can also tailor our fun casinos to fit the requirements of your event, including personalising the ‘fun money’ with your corporate logo.

  • F1 Simulator

    Turn your next promotion into a day they’ll all remember. Sit behind the wheel of the genuine F1 cockpit and wait for the adrenaline to start pumping as the lights turn Green! Thunder round Silverstone to record the fastest time of the day or race the Principle head to head.

  • Outdoor Laser Clay

    Laser clay shooting is the closest you can get to real clay shooting without bruised shoulders, or potential risk. Clays are thrown from a conventional trap, and are shot at using real shotguns, which fire an infra red pulse. Scores are displayed on a large electronic scoreboard. Up to five shooters firing at the same time, competing against each other for the highest score.

  • Archery

    Fancy yourself as a modern day Robin Hood? Then this is the outdoor pursuit for you! When you're considering outdoor activities, archery is a sport for everyone, and our qualified, highly experienced instructors are able to tutor everyone, regardless of age, height, fitness or disabilities. We can run one on one archery lessons, or have multiple archery games to suit your event.

  • Giant Scalextric

    Our Giant scalextric tracks work exceptionally well for all events. Whether it is a product launch, team building, corporate event or just some after dinner entertainment, scalextric offers a unique way to entertain your guests, allowing them to interact and mingle. The action is fast and furious, and you will need to show flair and a great deal of control, to ensure that your car is first to the chequered flag.

  • Treasure Hunt

    The best way to experience the many sites and attractions of any famous town is by the “old fashioned” game of treasure hunt. Teams have a map of the area and must follow cryptic clues to determine their route.

  • GPS Treasure Hunt

    Armed with the latest technology and tracked by GPS, navigate your way to and from live hotspots to unlock questions and challenges for your team. Nonstop entertainment as the teams involved, not only view their own location but see their competition on the Live Leader Board.

  • London CSI Experience

    We specialise in delivering corporate team building and corporate entertainment using Crime Scene Investigation (CSI). Our experiences are unique, informative, fun and give insight into the intriguing world of forensics.

  • Film Making

    Working in groups of 6-10 people, teams are set the challenge to create a 3 minute advert. Whilst this can be based on any product, it does lend itself to a business message and can be based on your own Company or even your competitors!

  • Perfume Designer

    Our teambuilding can be tailored to a full-day or half-day event and are built around the key skills needed to succeed in business today while being fun to take part in. Teams go head to head putting a variety of skills to the rest as they create their signature fragrance and brand to capture the market.

  • Hold the Front Page

    A creative experience, which relies on communication throughout the whole team. Each team represents a magazine or newspaper, all vying for the big scoop to boost circulation. Teams must use all their investigative skills to get the headline news.

  • Junk Funk

    Using familiar household items and some useless rubbish, your team will rehearse and perform together a routine with the help of our Junk Funk professional performers.

  • Drumming Workshops

    Firstly, participants have the challenge of learning a new and fascinating skill. Secondly, they discover the emotional intensity and sense of unity from drumming together. Thirdly, they learn the importance of working together as a team and the value of listening to each other.

  • Boomwhacker

    In our boomwhacker events we use five different coloured tubes, each with their own distinctive pitch. Once the boomwhackers have been randomly distributed, your room will become an amazing sea of colour.

  • Haka

    As your team members take their seats, they will have no idea of the surprise in store when our team of traditional Maori warriors storm into the room to perform the Haka on stage, to the shock and delight of your team.

  • One Voice

    Your group will be transformed into a choir in minutes. Our group singing sessions are structured in the best way to demonstrate the power of teamwork, and will culminate in an unbelievable vocal performance that will be remembered for many years to come!

  • Rock School

    Playing in a rock band is something most people only ever dream about; now with the Black and White School of Rock anyone can live the dream! Absolutely no musical experience is required in order to take part, and even the most musically challenged will be surprised by what can be achieved.

  • Team Apprentice

    Team Apprentice is our newest event & proving to be a big hit, as a corporate team building event. Inspired by the successful television series, this activity based treasure hunt will require teams to compete in a set of given tasks, remaining within budget and the allocated time.

  • Cocktail Workshop

    This fully interactive package encourages teams to battle it out, with detailed instruction from some of the UK’s leading cocktail performers.

  • “Green machine” Eco Rally

    Teams will design and build their own environmentally friendly, zero emissions Green Machine ready to race In the Eco Rally.

  • Back to School Sports Day

    This wacky sports day is a fun & energetic team building event for people who can't remember what it's all about!! An outdoor school sports day is the perfect activity to offer stimulation and literally breathe fresh air into the day.

  • Fairground Fun

    Proving more and more popular at corporate events, we can supply the best fairground equipment anywhere in the country, and at all price ranges to suit every pocket. We can supply all the rides that you know and some adrenaline rides that are sure to have your guests screaming for more. We also provide a full range of side stalls to add to the occasion.

  • Super Car Time Trials

    Drive the world’s greatest supercars. From the Lamborghini Gallardo to the Audi R8, Porsche and Ferrari, we have an excellent selection of incredible supercars for you to choose from. Simply select your favourite for a memorable day to remember!

  • Murder Mystery

    Up front he is a bona fide business man, selling property abroad but his past has mysteriously disappeared. Trouble is his middle name!

  • It’s a Knockout

    It’s A Knockout is an action packed fun event that is amusing and challenging for participants, and highly entertaining to watch; ideal for fast and furious corporate days out or team building events. With many of our activities taken from the original TV series this is the real "It's A Knockout" - memorable and fun for competitive teams. Be prepared for a wet and steamy event!

  • Barbeque Boot Camp

    Following the success of our World Championship BBQ Team, we are now providing a superb opportunity for you to fully learn and understand the art of barbecuing in a fun and friendly way.

  • Dragon Boating

    Dragon Boat racing involves teams of up to twenty paddlers in a 40 foot boat with a drummer and helm, paddling frantically to beat the other teams down the course. The drums, shouting and colourful boats make it an impressive and exciting sport both to watch and to compete in.

  • Corporate Stunt Training Day

    Our team can bring the thrills of the movies and TV to life in front of your eyes and can give ordinary members of the public an insight into some of the tricks of the trade as well as showing some of the exhilarating training techniques used by stunt performers.

  • Spy Games

    Whether you wanted a ‘The Italian Job’ or ‘Oceans Eleven’ style heist for your sales team of 10, or a Bond training camp for 1000 - we can deliver it. By taking the best action and adventure from the world of secret agents we enable participants to learn new skills and experience the thrill.

  • Learn to play Polo

    Try the King of Sports for yourself on trained schoolmaster ponies. A unique participation activity, Ideal team building. Specialising in taking non-riders, beginners can learn all aspects of the game in a fun and safe environment.

  • Corporate Fishing Event

    Corporate events can be held for the full day, or for evenings only during the summer months. We offer a full catering and hospitality service that can be held in a Marquee by the lake, or in the lodge according to the size of the group.

  • Clay Shooting

    On arrival you will be greeted by your instructors for the morning. You will then start your shooting experience with a safety briefing and explanation of how the gun works, followed by the techniques of the art of Shotgun Shooting. Then a practice will start over various types of sporting targets from different positions.

  • Clay Shooting on the Thames

    The event is supervised by 2-3 Clay Shooting experts – depending on the size of the party. All shooting is carried out from the front of the boat at Thamesmead. Once the shooting is finished we cruise back up the Thames past London’s Landmarks along the Thames.

  • Bespoke Treatment

    We have a wide range of world class corporate incentives that provide you, your staff and customers with the opportunity to experience the world’s most desirable cars on the open road.

  • Blindfold Tent

    An excellent team exercise requiring teams to be split into pitcher & instructors. Pitchers will be blindfolded & under the guidance of the instructors (via radio) pitch a tent.

  • Egg Launcher

    An excellent finale activity whereby teams build a catapult to launch their eggs. With a couple of twists this makes for a highly entertaining activity.

  • Corporate Sailing

    Highly effective water based Corporate Events in the UK. Our events range from the purely indulgent to the highly competitive - all delivered with great style.

  • River Thames Rib Treasure Hunt

    Simply the most exciting event possible within the M25. Nothing else comes close. Rib Treasure Hunts on the Thames literally stop the traffic. We make maximum use of London’s geography in a way never envisaged before.

  • The Solent Rib Treasure Hunt

    guests started the day with breakfast on the balcony overlooking the Island before boarding the Ribs to speed across the Solent. The Rib Treasure Hunt is competitive, stretching but most of all great fun.

Inflatable Games

  • Human Table Football

    The outrageously hilarious game of 5-a-side Football with a difference! Participants are strapped to sliders, which in turn are attached to poles, which only allow side-to-side movement and attempt to play football. Our referee will add to the fun with their giant red & yellow cards and terrible decision-making.

  • Inflatable Basketball

    With only 2 existing in the UK, the inflatable Basketball Arena is a must have on your event and always goes down a storm. An instructor will referee or just keep an eye on all you budding Michael Jordan’s or a slower Eddie Jordan is more realistic.

  • It’s a Knockout

    'It’s a Knockout' is ideal for entertaining company employees and their families, it also promotes team building and motivates staff with the emphasis on fun, variety and entertainment. We have a selection of over 20 games to choose from, ranging from throwing yourselves through tunnels or clambering over hurdles in character costumes, there is something here for everyone.

  • Gladiator Joust

    Based on the hit TV Show the Gladiator Joust is a very popular piece of equipment at any event. Giant pugil sticks are used to try and knock your opponent off their podium onto a very large inflatable mattress. Protective head gear and neck braces are warn for extra safety and to try and soften the blows!

  • Bungee Run

    Two runners are harnessed in by the instructors, wait for the start and together run like the blazes to put their Velcro markers as far down the inflatable lane as possible before they are pulled back by the bungee rope! Being inflatable makes the landing safe, protective helmets and neck braces are worn for added safety.

  • Giant Inflatable Volleyball

    Our giant inflatable, beach themed Volleyball Court is one of our most impressive inflatables. Two teams of 5-a-side will bounce around while trying to knock the ball back over the net. Our referee will add to the fun with their flexible rules. Inflatable palm trees in each corner and the bright yellow base give the feeling of playing on the beach.

  • Pulsar Laser Quest

    Armed with their laser guns players enter the smoke filled inflatable maze to do battle. Players attempt to shoot their opponents while trying to avoid becoming a target themselves. With the latest hi-tech guns recording all the scores the true champions will be found. With the option of playing in teams or as individuals this activity will add a new dimension to your event.

  • Snowboard Machine

    Your alpine event would not be complete without this testing snowboard. Now people of all ages can try their hand at snowboarding in the comfort and safety of a large inflatable surround. Realistic board movements, the operator ensures this snowboard can challenge anyone. Even the most accomplished snowboarder!

  • Bucking Bronco

    Now is your chance to feel the thrill of the wild bull. This mechanical bull spins, twists and turns and will eventually throw you off. For adults and children 12 years and over, our fully trained operator controls the Bull using our specially designed programs that ensure safety & fairness for all participants. Also available, Sheep, Camel and reindeer.

  • The Amazon Extreme

    This inflatable, which has superseded the very popular ‘Telephone Exchange’, is now our No. 1 inflatable obstacle course. Our tropical version of the giant obstacle course starts with 2 participants going through the tubes, then off through the pop-ups, through 2 log jams, climb up and over and slide to the finish.

  • Bouncy Boxing

    Step into the inflatable ring with your opponent and begin the fight. The oversized gloves provide a cushioned blow and protective head gear means the only bruising is your ego! Played as a best of 3, the referee will ensure a fair fight.

Gourmet Experience

  • Wine Tasting

    Our team of lively wine experts have many years of experience in their field and are aware that entertainment stems from humour, participation and a convivial atmosphere.

  • Chocolate Workshop

    Under the expert guidance of the chocolatier, the delegates will then get hands on mixing, piping, cutting, shaping, coating and finally packaging their very own delicious Belgian truffles.

  • Create your Canapés

    This is a culinary experience, where the whole group have the opportunity to learn new skills, have fun, and create gourmet canapés. With expert chefs on hand your group are guaranteed to enjoy this challenge however good (or bad) they are in the kitchen!

  • Be an Ice Carver

    “Ice carving” is a cool team building. Here is an event that is genuinely different, challenging and creative. The beauty of ice sculptures always takes your breath away - and here's your chance to learn how it's done.

  • Ready Steady and Cook

    The emphasis is on fun, relaxation and enjoyment. Rather than mindless amounts of chopping or arm-straining mixing, participants are invited to ‘sip and stir,’ enjoying fine wines as they cook in a state-of-the-art kitchen.

Driving Events

  • Corporate Driving Days

    Are exciting, memorable and designed to help you drive your business forward. Our comprehensive and competitively priced packages ensure you and your guests experience a sensational day, leaving you with memories that last a lifetime.

  • Rally Driving

    We have a great range of corporate activities from which to choose, catering from eight to eighty guests. Front, Rear and Four Wheel Drive rallying all in one action packed experience.

  • Tank Driving Day

    Grozdilka - Big Russian tank, powered with a turbo charged V8. The best fun drive you’ll ever have and much bigger than the British or American equivalent.

  • Mercedes-Benz World

    Take Team Building to the next level, with unique exercises to challenge your colleagues in an engaging way. From the Ice Challenge to the Back Seat Driver Challenge, our driving exercises are an exhilarating way to encourage effective communication.

  • Quad Bikes

    You can test your skill and co-ordination riding one of our robust four wheel all-terrain vehicles over a simple but challenging obstacle course, consisting of a jump, seesaw, limbo, and slalom.

  • Powerturns

    A completely new type of vehicle providing maximum fun with maximum safety. Two drivers can each control the speed of a wheel and will have to negotiate themselves around a slalom course & on the completion of the course, park in the garage.

  • Blindfold Driving

    Drivers must negotiate a simple course in a 4 x 4 Land Rover. Well it would be simple if the driver were not wearing a blindfold. Communication & directions are given from the rest of the team via two-way radio.

  • Honda Pilots

    These exhilarating 400cc American Dune Buggies are always a popular choice. Although we won’t be racing in the Californian deserts, this event will give all drivers a chance to feel like a racing driver with individual time laps and team relays.

  • Argocats

    These six-wheeled six wheel drive vehicles have been specially developed for use on rough country terrain. Our testing course, which includes slaloms, gates, & a roundabout, must be negotiated without the aid of a steering wheel.

  • Segways

    Segways require no special skills to use, as it takes care of the balancing part for you, meaning virtually anyone can use one. They are very simple to use and take only minutes to get to grips with. To go forward, all you have to do is lean forwards, and the opposite for reverse.

We employ highly qualified and professional personnel to instruct in an extensive range of activities, each of them understanding not only their specialist field, but also the importance of their guidance and advice on your employees.

The Black and White Event Company's creative knowledge and flair will produce a bespoke series of solutions to enable you to deliver the right impact for your team.

Contact us - for prices and more options.